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The vision for LUNS Health is to help humanity thrive.  Our mission is divided into two parts.  The first part is to help 1,000,000 families live a healthy and thrive.  This is done by camps during the summer (starting summer of 2013) where families come and have a great vacation, build a family vision, learn about nutrition, how to build systems into their lives, and a support system to help them be successful.  The second part is to help 10,000 companies unleash their human capital by improving individuals health, well being, and the environment they work.  This is done by instituting a wellness program for small and medium size businesses and working on emotional intelligence training.  


LUNS health helps your company implement a wellness plan that helps employees and their families with guidance on nutrition, meal planning, exercise, stress management, and work life effectiveness.  We also help with emotional intelligence by looking at the four domains which dictate emotional intelligence 1) Self-awareness 2) Self-management 3) Social awareness 4) Relationship management.  Making people healthier improves productivity, lowers healthcare costs, and improves morale.  Helping with nutrition helps with performance at work and overall well being.  


Thriving as a family means different things to different people but one common thread is health and well being.  LUNS Health helps families come to a common vision, design their future together, learn about nutrition, exercise, stress management, building systems, and having a great network around you for help.  We do this through our camp which starts in the summer of 2013. 

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